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Posted by david in on July 13th, 2006

I’m an IT specialist by day and musician, husband, father and charity trustee (not necessarily in that order) by night / weekend.

What that really means is I spend my days managing European IT for a large US manufacturer, dealing with software development, infrastructure, telecoms and anything else anyone sees fit to throw in my direction. Specialities include Java SE, PHP, web sites, multivalue databases (U2, D3, mvBase etc), mySQL, Windows, Linux and OSX as well as VMWare, Netapp, Cisco networking and routing, telephony, CCTV… I’ve designed and written ERP systems from scratch as well.

That paragraph above has been right for the last 20-odd years, but it’s all due to change shortly. I’m leaving my current employer at the end of June and taking a leap in to the (relative) unknown, joining a new company as Head of IT. It’s going to bring a different set of challenges as a lot of the systems I will be working with will be B2C rather than internal.

I’ve recently started dabbling in a bit of Android development. My first app – a metronome – is nearing completion. It’s basic, doing pretty much what it says on the tin, but it is a native Android app and I will (hopefully) get it listed on the Google Play store. I have thoughts for other music-related apps going forward as well.

Out of working hours, I’m married to sock knitter extraordinaire Wool4brains and have a fantastic euphonium player BrassedoffDan for a son. I also conduct one brass band – Woodhouse Prize Band and play for another: Chapeltown. All three family blogs are hosted on the soggy end of a broadband fibre connection somewhere south of Sheffield.

I’m quite a versatile musician; I have played or currently play cornet, piano, violin and recorder and have passed either Trinity or ABRSM exams in all of them. Recent highlights include ABRSM Grade 6 distinction piano and Trinity Grade 6 distinction Bb cornet. I’m currently working on Grade7 piano with help from my excellent piano teacher.

I’m also a Trustee of Chesterfield Canal Trust, campaigning for the restoration of said canal, and deal with all the charity’s web presence, social networking and other IT issues as well as managing one of the fleet of three passenger trip boats. I also run the Trust’s Royal Yachting Association Inland Waterways Training Centre. All the work I do for the Trust is voluntary; I strongly believe that you get out of a community what you’re prepared to put in to it, and I try to put as much as I can in.

All in all, it’s a pretty busy life.

You’ll find me on twitter (@brassedoff) but my tweets are protected (I reserve the right to rant in private). Put a follow request in if you’re that desperate.

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